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Birth Pool Rental

You want to experience the joy of a waterbirth but can't afford it? Don't have the option to spend upwards of $500+ on a birth pool and the all of the supplies you need for safety and success??

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Whether you plan to give birth at home or you simply want to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy during labor contractions before heading to the hospital or birth center....


Water submersion can diminish labor pains exponentially!! We like to call Waterbirth, the "NATURAL EPIDURAL" for how fast it can reduce pain while yet increasing the effectiveness of your contractions, making for a much SHORTER labor.


Moms that labor in water are much less likely to tear during the "pushing phase".


But instead of spending HUNDREDS of dollars on a pool that you'll use ONE TIME and will sit in your garage for the next 20 yrs collecting dust...


You now have the option to RENT your birth pool for a FRACTION of the cost than to buy the pool and ALL THE TOOLS AND SUPPLIES to go with it.


Sooo...How does Birth Pool Rental work...??

The rental period is 3 weeks long typically starting at week 37 or 38. You can set up the pool yourself or schedule a day/time that myself or one of my associates can set up & break down the pool for a small fee.


Even though the pool comes with a disposable liner, the pool is cleaned and disinfected in between uses!! And BTW, Your pool rental comes with a complete waterbirth kit with everything you need for inflating it, filling it, draining it, deflating it and all...


Contact us for more information about the details of the pool usage agreement & instructions for handling. Hit the button below and include "Birth Pool Rental" in the subject space of our contact form.

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