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What have you heard about childbirth?

What have you seen about childbirth?

What do you KNOW about childbirth?

"We, as a society, have encountered a devaluation of life itself. Slowly over many years, this devaluation has seeped into the area of reproduction and taints some views of pregnancy, labor, and birth. This devaluation has contributed to the intensity of the fears women feel toward birth."
There's a popular image that lingers in the minds of first-time expecting moms and dads, especially! 

Let's reset our image of childbirth!

From THIS...

To THIS...

Childbirth does NOT have to be painful and dreadful! No need to anticipate being a total pain to your husband while enduring a contraction. On the contrary this time can be a time that pushes you and your husband closer to eachother like never before. This is your show, your baby. It took the two of you to conceive and it will take the two of you to encourage baby to arrive safely and in its own time. No pressure baby!

Prenatal Counseling & Childbirth Education

I offer one-on-one personally customized counseling tailored to your specific needs to prepare you for the birth your desire. My services include but are not limited to...

  • Lamaze Childbirth Education

  • Holistic Childbirth Counseling

  • Husband/Partner Coaching (Bradley Method)

  • Devising a Birth Plan (including birth in home,                                                                      birth center, hospital, VBAC, multiples, etc...)

  • Labor preparation

    1. ​Breathing techniques

    2. Pain Management

    3. Prayer & Meditation

    4. Labor & Birth Positions

  • Healng after loss (previous miscarriage or infant loss)

  • Sibling Counseling

  • Breastfeeding/Lactation Classes

  • Alternative Parenting & Infant Care

This list of topics covered will be integrated into your customized childbirth prep sessions. When signing up for the 4-part series, you'll be able to select certain interests so your education is tailored to your specific desires for birth.

See breakdown of Childbirth Prep Series 4-part series below...


Group CBP Masterclass

Group CBP Masterclass is everything from the CBP Series condensed down into one big 2-hr online crash course taught LIVE!

The breakdown of the 4-part Childbirth Prep Series...

1) 3rd trimester physiological changes, preparing your mind, body & spirit for birth


2) Stages of labor, physiology of childbirth and holistic/alternative birthing practices; recovery


3) Partner coaching, laboring positions &

comfort measures


4) Breastfeeding education, early infant care, life adjustments, alternative parenting

This 4-part series is not available in group classes.

These private sessions can either be done in-home or virtually via Zoom.

The virtual option is LIVE one-on-one and NOT PRE-RECORDED. 

Any questions about the CBP Series click here

Are childbirth classes covered by insurance? 

Yes! Almost every insurance plan out there covers childbirth classes either partially or 100% of costs. You can also utilize your FSA or HSA to cover childbirth classes!

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