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How to Pay For Services

All Doula services require a 50% deposit (retainer fee). The remaining balance is due by 37 weeks gestation, unless otherwise discussed and contactually agreed upon. 

All postpartum Lactation services that are not included in your doula service package require payment in full upfront. Prenatal breastfeeding class 4-part series requires a 50% deposit and the remaining balance is due at or before your last class. 

Childbirth Prep Series (4 in-home sessions) requires a 50% deposit and the remaining balance is due at or before the last session. Group Childbirth Crash Course classes (online 2-hr LIVE webinar) require payment in full upfront.  Childbirth Prep 'a la mode' classes require payment in full upfront. 

Financial Hardship

I understand that medical expences can be burdensome and I do not wish to contribute to such sorrow. So I have 6-month payment plans available if you are experiencing hardship. This requires your 50% deposit due at signing and the remaining 50% can be divided up into 6 interest-free monthly payments. This option is only available for Doula services, Birth Pool Rental, Childbirth Prep Series and the Prenatal Breastfeeding Class series. 

With Payment plans you have the opportunity to save on your monthly installment if you enroll in Automatic Debiting.

So as a summary, there is NO PENALTY for spreading out your payments yet a nice little perk for sending your monthly payments automatically.

3rd Party Financing

Save 10% off your purchase order if you use the following to pay for our services. 

paypal credit logo.png

PayPal Credit is quick, secure, easy and offers flexible financing with interest free payments if paid off within 6 months. You can use this line of credit for purchases $99 or more and you can get approved in minutes. There are no annual fees to use PayPal Credit.

What's the perk?

For Doula Services, CBP Series or Prenatal Breastfeeding Class Series, you wold normally put down a 50% deposit with the remaining balance due either at 37 weeks (doula services) or at/before the last class of the 4-part series of classes.


If you are paying with PayPal Credit, you will save 10% off your total if you pay for services in full when you first sign-up for them.  

How does it work?

When you complete the sign-up form you will select PayPal as your payment method, then select the PayPal Credit option. You will make your payment in full, send us a screenshot of your order confirmation showing that you used PayPal Credit (other personal financial info can be blacked out for your own privacy).


Once we receive your payment and your screenshot, 10% of your payment will be reimbursed to you with 24-48 hours. 


Doula Service Package A = $400 (50% deposit) + $400 (due at 37 weeks) = $800

With PayPal Credit = $720 paid in full upfront

for more info click below

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Use Your Insurance
and HSA/FSA For
Doula Service Coverage

It's been a long time coming and no small effort of doulas and birth advocates across the country, but now we finally get to have our services covered. HSA/FSA has been known to cover doula services 100% of the time, while other insurance companies (such as United Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Medicaid and more) are still figuring things out and only reimbursing doula services about 25% of the time.

A Young Woman Writing

What You Need To Know

You can use your HSA/FSA card directly through Paypal. However, I would not suggest this as Paypal charges a fee for this transaction. I reccomend that you get on your HSA/FSA website and request a check for the amount you need. This can then be written out directly to myself (or the doula you hire) without a fee!

Insurance Reimbursement


You can request reimbursement from your insurance company after you have paid for doula services provided.


At the end of our time together I will send you an invoice that includes everything you need on a single page (my name, address, NPI number, Date and location of services provided, CPT code, diagnosis code, and my signature).


Go on to your insurance’s website and get a ‘claim form’. The standard form is called HCFA-1500.


Send both the invoice I give you and the claim form to your insurance company.


You and I should hear back from them in the next 4 weeks.

Use FSA/HSA Card

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